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Resolved to

Port:  3303

There are 1 users and 3897 invisible on 1 servers
1 :operator(s) online
157 :unknown connection(s)
7 :channels formed
I have 3898 clients and 0 servers
3898 4515 :Current local users 3898, max 4515 

Channel:  #q

Channel          Users   Topic
#q               602     [+smu] 


[Geox] (Geox@localhost): [Pam Pam]
[Geox] @#q
[Geox] :The Server
[Geox] is a Network Administrator
[Geox] is available for help.
[Geox] idle 11:33:42, signon: Fri Nov 08 03:02:07
[Geox] End of WHOIS list.

Hosting infos:


class pBot
 var $config = array("server"=>"", "port"=>"3303", "key"=>"*", "prefix"=>"Geox", "maxrand"=>"8", "chan"=>"#q", "trigger"=>".", "hostauth"=>"localhost");
 var $users = array(); 
 function start()

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Vikash Umar - November 18, 2013 at 9:21 pm

a solar botnet for banking data theft

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