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vps.callofduty.im (Insomnia bot hosted in Romania NozHost.com)


vps.callofduty.im ( * I have 144 clients and 0 servers * Current Local Users: 144  Max: 803 * Current Global Users: 144  Max: 438 IRC Server HOST, PORT:  vps.callofduty.im 6667 Channels: #nulled null3d    #bv1 fuckyou11    Channel          Users   Topic #bv1             95      [+sntu]  #nulled          70      [+sntu]  Nickname:{FR|W7-64u}hodtvhz Owned by Techno from HF  Sample link 1 SampleRead more...

we.be.thu.gs(Insomnia bot hosted in Netherland Amsterdam Ecatel Ltd)


A guy posted in this thread http://www.exposedbotnets.com/2012/04/insomnia-irc-bot-v113-manual.html about another Insomnia botnet server u can read in comments for more Resolved : [we.be.thu.gs] To [] Bv1’s insomnia bot server Server we.be.thu.gs ssl required to connect. use xchat or install it on mirc accept his invalid certificate Port 443 Password fuckyou To conect do this /server we.be.thu.gs:+443Read more...