dictionarysrnifty.no-ip.org (Athena irc botnet hosted by infiumhost.com)

Resolved dictionarysrnifty.no-ip.org to

Server:  dictionarysrnifty.no-ip.org
Port:  9001
* I have 83 clients and 0 servers
* 83 451 :Current local users 83, max 451
Channel:  #alpha
Topic for #alpha is: !botkill.start
Topic for #alpha set by LK at Fri Mar 29 10:30:08 2013

All users are also joined to the channel #lobby on connection.

Sample from this guy.

Hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/

/oper lol x
No O-lines for your host
/oper bv1 x
Password Incorrect
Guess bv1 is still playing around with botnets. Surprising considering his name is very public. You think he would have at least changed his nick.