pandora (Pandora http bot hosted by Netherlands Haarlem Leaseweb B.v.)

Resolved to Pandora ddos bot Server: Gate file:  /pando/?u=17b6n82405v5ycal3ks4bb7i655e088m Other crap on the server Microworm panel: The password is “root” Files are located at hxxp:// blackdra.exe is blackshades Connects to Blackshades downloads more of the files x0x0. Windows XP 4, 2012.Hide My Ass Vpn FBI access panel (Welcome Agent

Mystical Megapost (Botnets of all types) (Hosted by Ukraine Ukrainian Internet Names Center Ltd and Netherlands Maasdijk Worldstream)

As Mystical has now recently been banned from hackforums, I thought I would make an informative megapost of botnets he has or is currently using. Domains emails used for registration #plug this into facebook to see his profile