Mystical Megapost (Botnets of all types) (Hosted by Ukraine Ukrainian Internet Names Center Ltd and Netherlands Maasdijk Worldstream)

As Mystical has now recently been banned from hackforums, I thought I would make an informative megapost of botnets he has or is currently using.


emails used for registration #plug this into facebook to see his profile

Port: 6667

* Topic for is: .dl hxxp://
* Topic for set by Mystical at Thu Sep 06 13:08:09 2012
 #insomnia        107
Nick format:  {VN|XP-32a}zpcuarp

Channel: #Boot
 #Boot            148
Nick format:  jan73101

* [Mystical] (Mystical@sadie0801): …
* [Mystical] @#opers
* [Mystical] irc.mystical.server :Mysticals Server
* [Mystical] is a Network Administrator
* [Mystical] is available for help.
* [Mystical] idle 03:12:20, signon: Fri Sep 07 11:45:44
* [Mystical] End of WHOIS list.

Port: 6667
Password: secret 

Channel: #skids
Channel Password: skid
 #skids           12      [+sntu]
Nick format: jan73101

Channel #NGR
Password: secret
 #NGR             282     [+sntu]
Nick format: {USA|XPa}qeegdvl

* [Mystical] (Mystical@ngr123): …
* [Mystical] @#NGR
* [Mystical] :Private
* [Mystical] idle 00:00:57, signon: Mon Sep 10 21:29:00
* [Mystical] End of WHOIS list.
* [Gwapo] (G@ngr123): Gwapo
* [Gwapo] @#NGR
* [Gwapo] :Private
* [Gwapo] idle 14:03:08, signon: Mon Sep 10 07:26:26
* [Gwapo] End of WHOIS list.


Smoke loader





Check for all of the latest crypts for his bots.

Previous posts:

Hosting infos
ngrbot irc:
Insomnia irc:
Former host for Zeus, dirtjumper and smokeloader:

You may have noticed that there was another oper on Mystical’s irc
server. That oper was Gwapo, a ddos kiddy from hackforums. It appears
that he was using Mystical’s botnet for his attacks.

Sep 10 04:36:44 <Gwapo>    !ssyn 80 3600
Sep 10 05:50:51 <Gwapo>    !udp 80 3600

Gwapo was also the one who loaded the pandora bots.
Sep 09 18:44:53 <Gwapo>    !dl

He loaded two other bots. One was Build.exe
Sep 10 07:27:40 <Gwapo>    !dl
This was ipkiller, the latest evolution of hackforums host booters like metus or biozombie.
It connected to on 1337
The other was 1111.exe
Sep 10 07:29:32 <Gwapo>    !dl
This was again ipkiller, and it connected to port 1337 registration email:

So reassured that while Mystical has send the Pandora bots to parking, Gwapo can still hostbooter XBL for you.

Gwapo sample link

Gwapo hosting infos

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Anonymous - September 11, 2012 at 1:47 am

Awww i feel so proud, not sure on how many of my nets you have gotten already 🙂 good thing i still have 4 other https that are not listed 🙂

I_Post_Ur_Info - September 11, 2012 at 4:02 pm

That email no longer leads to a facebook. I guess that means it was yours Michael?

Anonymous - September 11, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Nah it was a friend of mine 🙂 my name is Jake, but yeah lol i told my friend to change emails, now i feel like a dick, but it is w/e, im curious to how you got some of these lol. Id like to talk if you ever wanted to on this, good job anyway's i guess.

Anonymous - September 12, 2012 at 10:48 pm

ah ah lol, didn't knew Gwapo was such a skid head, thanks for your services guys! Keep up the good work 😉

I_Post_Ur_Info - September 13, 2012 at 12:28 am

I'm on jabber Anyone who wants to can chat with me.

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