ssl connection (Insomnia irc botnet hosted by

Resolved to to This server requires ssl and for you to accept invalid/self generated certificates to connect. Server: Port:  7007 Server password:   unocomein Channel:  #I #I               38      [+sntu] Oper: [anz] (anzima@I.B.ROOT): Anzii[anz] ~#I [anz] :Net[anz] is a Network Administrator[anz] is available for help.[anz] is using a Secure Connection[anz] idle (Insomnia irc botnet hosted by China Dongguan Shenzhenshiluohuquhepingluyifengguangchangczuo32h)

Resolved to SSL is required to connect to this server. You will also need to accept invalid/self generated certificates. Server: Port:  2020 Server password:  hax0r Channel:  #in * Topic for #in is: eEtqRXBzV2l4S2pFcThTNXhLVEVxOFM2eEtURXE4Uzd4S1RFcThTOHhLVEVxOFM5eEtURXE4Uyt4YlE9fDIyMjkzMjY0 * Topic for #in set by smart93 at Sun Dec 25 13:30:39 2011 All bots are also autojoined (ngr irc botnet hosted by Russian Federation Saint Petersburg Selectel Ltd.)

This botnet has lots of domains, none of which are resolving at the moment. You can still connect to the server using it’s ip address though.. Server: Port:  80 Server password:  666666 Channel:   ##CBC-x01## * Topic for ##CBC-x01## is: !m on !mod usbi on !NAZEL (ngrbot irc botnet hosted by 1&1 Internet Ag)

Note: New domains are at the bottom of the post This is the skype “worm” that is in the news right now Articles: Resolved to,,,,,, Server: Port: 1863 Password: 24r34t SSL is needed to connect, accept the invalid certificate Authhost: bossman