(Insomnia irc botnet hosted by China Dongguan Shenzhenshiluohuquhepingluyifengguangchangczuo32h)

Resolved to

SSL is required to connect to this server. You will also need to accept invalid/self generated certificates.

Port:  2020
Server password:  hax0r
Channel:  #in
* Topic for #in is: eEtqRXBzV2l4S2pFcThTNXhLVEVxOFM2eEtURXE4Uzd4S1RFcThTOHhLVEVxOFM5eEtURXE4Uyt4YlE9fDIyMjkzMjY0
* Topic for #in set by smart93 at Sun Dec 25 13:30:39 2011

All bots are also autojoined to #Ss

Hosting infos:

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