Tag: Insomnia 2.5.0

lolwutirc.crabdance.com (Insomnia irc botnet hosted by rh.com.tr)

Resolved lolwutirc.crabdance.com to Server:  lolwutirc.crabdance.com Port:  6667 Channel:  #bot123 Oper: [KyleFYI] (KyleFYI@Kyle123irc): …[KyleFYI] #bot123 [KyleFYI] irc.localhost.com :bytestyle symmetry[KyleFYI] is a Network Administrator[KyleFYI] is available for help. Hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/

filehelp.us (Various irc bots hosted by securedservers.com)

Resolved filehelp.us to Athena Server:  filehelp.us Port:  7200 Channel:  #Athena Insomnia Server:  filehelp.us Port:  4242 Channel:  #insomnia Channel password:  k6geyzs Dixie bot Server:  filehelp.us Port:  4242 Channel:  #DDoS# hxxp://filehelp.us/Panel/gate.php aryan bot Server Password: Username: 5644413 Nickname: New{DE-XP-x86}5644413 Channel: #aryan (Password: k6geyzs) Channeltopic: :.dl hxxp://filehelp.us/upload/files/bin.exe 1 Other samples here hxxp://filehelp.us/upload/ Opers are Vapor and

irc.stressing.info (Multiple irc bots hosted by blacklotus.net)

Resolved irc.stressing.info, unknownkind.no-ip.org, 123456788.no-ip.info to Aryan bot Server:  irc.stressing.info Port:  6667 Current Global Users: 599  Max: 5456 Channel:  #bonez  #bonez           126     [+smntMu] @j #quiet Topic for #bonez is: @j #quiet Topic for #bonez set by Mixtape at Tue Jan 22 03:00:44 2013 Topic for #quiet is: @dl hxxp://jelly.stressing.info/swagbonez/bot.exe 1 Topic for #quiet set by

shellysdailylife.info (Insomnia irc botnet hosted by volumedrive.com)

Resolved shellysdailylife.info to Server:  shellysdailylife.info Port:  44 Channel:  #Insomnia #Insomnia        341     [+sntu]  This is the second time this IP has been posted. The previous time it was also hosting insomnia ircbots. Hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/

irc.anzima.eu (Insomnia irc botnet hosted by limestonenetworks.com)

Resolved to irc.anzima.eu to This server requires ssl and for you to accept invalid/self generated certificates to connect. Server:   irc.anzima.eu Port:  7007 Server password:   unocomein Channel:  #I #I               38      [+sntu] Oper: [anz] (anzima@I.B.ROOT): Anzii[anz] ~#I [anz] irc.anzima.eu :Net[anz] is a Network Administrator[anz] is available for help.[anz] is using a Secure Connection[anz] idle

in.thegamejuststarted10.com (Insomnia irc botnet hosted by China Dongguan Shenzhenshiluohuquhepingluyifengguangchangczuo32h)

Resolved in.thegamejuststarted10.com to SSL is required to connect to this server. You will also need to accept invalid/self generated certificates. Server:   in.thegamejuststarted10.com Port:  2020 Server password:  hax0r Channel:  #in * Topic for #in is: eEtqRXBzV2l4S2pFcThTNXhLVEVxOFM2eEtURXE4Uzd4S1RFcThTOHhLVEVxOFM5eEtURXE4Uyt4YlE9fDIyMjkzMjY0 * Topic for #in set by smart93 at Sun Dec 25 13:30:39 2011 All bots are also autojoined

uokmate.info (Insomnia irc botnet hosted by volumedrive.com)

Resolved uokmate.info to Server:   uokmate.info Port:  8527 * There are 1 users and 114 invisible on 1 servers* 3 :channels formed Channel:  #Insomnia  #Insomnia        103     [+sntu] Hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/

gwassss.com (Insomnia irc botnet hosted by volumedrive.com)

Resolved gwassss.com to Server: Port:   8527 Channel:  #Insomnia * Topic for #Insomnia is: /b/ * Topic for #Insomnia set by lucky at Sat Dec 22 10:24:28 2012 Oper: [{AR|XP-32a}yknranh] (lucky@Vandernet): … [{AR|XP-32a}yknranh] @#Insomnia [{AR|XP-32a}yknranh] www.Privatenet.gov :im an orphan [{AR|XP-32a}yknranh] idle 00:01:45, signon: Sun Dec 23 16:54:16[{AR|XP-32a}yknranh] End of WHOIS list. Hosting infos:

gnx.zapto.org (Insomnia irc botnet hosted by Finland Helsinki Elisa Oyj)

Resolved gnx.zapto.org to Server:  gnx.zapto.org Port:  6667 Channel:  #gnx  #gnx             62      Opers: * [Nukkwahilols] (Gnx@gnx): … * [Nukkwahilols] @#opers @#rushkill @#botkiller @#gnx * [Nukkwahilols] gnx.zapto.org :AthenaServer * [Nukkwahilols] is a Network Administrator * [Nukkwahilols] is available for help. * [Nukkwahilols] idle 00:31:01, signon: Sun Nov 18 14:03:46 * [Nukkwahilols] End of WHOIS list. *

m74.zapto.org (Irc botnets hosted by United Kingdom Santrex Internet Services)

This has so few bots I normally wouldn’t bother posting it, but I just think it’s funny that after being posted once, they haven’t even added a password. Resolved m74.zapto.org to Server:  m74.zapto.org Port: 6667 Current Global Users: 237  Max: 246 Channel: ##A##  Bot: Athena Channel: ##I## Bot: Insomnia Channel: #j0r Bot: ngrBot Channel: