Tag: Insomnia 2.5.0

ssl.pxnet.to (Insomnia hosted by Antarctica Voxility S.r.l.)


Resolved to ssl.pxnet.to  to Server: ssl.pxnet.to Port: 8888 Current Local Users: 301  Max: 888 Channel: #Frank Opers: [Hitler] (Hitler@Tracert1): Hitler [Hitler] #Frank [Hitler] flow.streamscene.to :! [Hitler] is a Network Administrator [Hitler] is available for help. [Hitler] idle 00:04:44, signon: Sat Sep 22 10:32:40 [Hitler] End of WHOIS list. [Fl00der] (Fl00der@gehaxelt-4FBCF4E0.gigabit.perfect-privacy.com): … [Fl00der] #Frank [Fl00der]Read more...

Mystical Megapost (Botnets of all types) (Hosted by Ukraine Ukrainian Internet Names Center Ltd and Netherlands Maasdijk Worldstream)


As Mystical has now recently been banned from hackforums, I thought I would make an informative megapost of botnets he has or is currently using. Domains Bighecker.co 1212Mystic0801.info Sonic4us.com Sonic4me.com img196-imageshack.us rs-booter.com modtech360.info 307dice.com powerbot24.com img90-imageshack.com imageshells.com bighecks.net emails used for registration hlolgame@aim.com mikeydoc@hotmail.com #plug this into facebook to see his profile highroller098765@hotmail.com mikeshosting@yahoo.com bram.fadzulani@mail.comRead more...

anastasia.servequake.com(Insomnia 2.5.0 bot hosted in Spain Ovh Systems)


This is one report from Zazu here is the original link and all credits go to Zazu for this report DNS: anastasia.servequake.com DNS Provider: http://www.no-ip.com/ DNS resolved: Port: 50111 Server Password: l33thack Channel #choi Bot Master’s Nickname: andrew Hosted By: http://www.vpsdeploy.com/ Location: Spain Sample: “https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9386997/andrew1.exe” Sample Status: The sample seems to be encrypted andRead more...